2017 Calendar

December 31, 2016 at 10:33 am (Calendar, Photography) ()

Happy New Year everyone! This year’s calendar chronicles my year of walks in the park as I coped with cancer, chemo, and various other cures and ills. A journal of my experience exists online here:

Below you can download the calendar itself. Clicking on the cover image will open the calendar months. Then Save-as will save a PDF of the calendar to your hard drive. Clicking on the second “back” image likewise downloads the flip side of each month which includes a little journal entry for that month.

This calendar, if printed, is 4.6 X 5.4 in., is designed to fit into a CD-style easel case. It can also be hung by a tack from a paperclip. Please email me any technical issues you may have.


2017 Backs Cover

Here is my 2016 holiday greeting. I wish you a healthy, happy New Year!

A Walk in the Park

Twenty-sixteen was, for me, quite a year
But I find I can still muster holiday cheer!
While the months entertained with political madness,
My health diagnoses kept offering sadness.
Yet the year that began with a cancerous lump
Leaves me cured; feeling like I am over the hump!
(If this is new news, get my whole cancer story
Online, link enclosed, all the details—some gory.)

Though the docs prescribed chemo and meds as the answer,
I believe daily walks help eradicate cancer.
So inside, then out with the weather permitting,
I’d be walking each evening rather than sitting.
While last year I traveled through Spain and to Rome;
This year kept my wanderings closer to home.
And the narrower scope proved it’s not at all hard
To find beauty just steps from one’s own backyard!

So I’d walk in the park after dinner each night
To the glorious views in the dwindling light.
Of the seasons unfolding, I’ve photos galore
(And each day I’m inspired to take even more!)
I chose 12 scenic vistas as my gift to you
With advice for the year I believe to be true:
For spirits that soar like the flight of a lark—
and to foster good health—take a walk in the park!


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