About Me

image of Becca Henry and Oliver

Becca with her favorite boys

That’s ME—Becca Taylor Gay—a Photoshop enthusiast with several other hobbies which are prompting me to add blogging to the mix. I need a platform to share photos and feedback of project successes or dilemmas. I’m new to this business, so please bear with me. I hope to include gardening, cooking, bread-baking, and digital photos with any general musings that come to mind.

In case you are wondering which Becca Taylor Gay this is:
  • live in Evanston IL
  • proud mother and enthusiastic grandma
  • manager of production at Loyola Press
  • love audio books, gardening, Macs, Photoshop, Henry & Oliver, and lots of other stuff


  1. ann said,

    Very cool Becca! I’m impressed and inspired – one day…

  2. Zach Taylor Gay said,

    Great blog. Beautifully designed. You never cease to amaze me. When I grow up, I want to be as productive as you. : )

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