A Cautionary Tale

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Image of bathroom sink and vanity 2003

Bathroom remodel 2003 featuring new sink, granite counter, and vanity

Image of Kohler glass sink shattered

Kohler Spun Glass sink cracked into sharp shards after water temperature change

image of new sink

Spiral Vessel sink from Menard's, April 2010

In 2003, we remodeled our bathroom. (Click here for more on that project.) Given our limited space and budget, I am still happy with the way it looks to this day.

Unfortunately, last week while Laif was trouble-shooting a sluggish drain, there was a mishap. Due to filling the sink with hot water, then filling it with cold—CRACK!!—and the entire sink shattered into shards! Realizing this was an error I could have easily made myself, I could hardly be mad, especially since Laif was mad at himself enough for both of us. This $700 sink (in 2003) now costs almost $1000, so over the weekend we checked out the home centers. Of the three, Menard’s had one sink I though would work, and for a fraction of the Kohler price at under $200 including a new pop-up drain. We ordered it Saturday, it arrived Wednesday (not bad for a special order, with excellent email notification of the order’s progress), and Laif installed it right away. I like it! It perfectly matches the room’s paint job and sparkly accents. (And we can replace it four more times before reaching the Kohler replacement cost! ;-)

After researching online, it appears they recommend against changes of water temperatures exceeding 50 degrees in glass sinks, and perhaps this was. There are other stories of tempered glass spontaneously shattering for no reason at all, so I guess we’ve been lucky, all things considered!


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